Stella Long


Stella Long—
Traditional Choctaw Storyteller

Stella Dyer Long, member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, grew up in the "old way."


A Choctaw midwife brought her into the world and gave her the Indian name of Fichik Iskitini (Smallest Star) the moment she was born. A three room house at the base of Kinch Mountain in eastern Oklahoma was her home for many years.

The mountain was her playground. She spoke to the creatures of the forest in Choctaw, the only language she knew at the time. She once met a gray wolf and she knew they were friends. The wolf looked at her for a moment and turned slowly away without a thought of a second glance and she knew she had been accepted to walk in the path of the wolf.

Following her retirement from Rose State College, it was a surprise to her to find that she had a talent for communicating with others through stories of sacred myth, legend, and personal reminiscences.

"Estella Long is an authentic voice of the Choctaw people"
Tim Tingle